All In Time

Love, hate, disappointment, turmoil, broken trust, victory and overcoming. All these things can be found in the songs that are on this CD. CB sings about everyday things for everyday people and no matter where you are or what you may encounter, there is a song in here for you, to help you say what your heart thinks. Let the voice of C.B. Cane move you into a place nothing is impossible to overcome, because everything is reachable. 

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It's Time To Talk

After you hear this CD from C.B. Cane, you will understand why people say, it is about time for him. You will hear the gospel soul of CB in a way that only he can bring which will move you to faith and give you hope, that all is not lost and really all can be and is well. Let this CD take you to a place wherein you will know that there is a place of rest faith and hope, even in you darkest hour and CB brings that to you in a way like no other can.

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This Is C.B.Cane

Eloquent, graceful and sincere in and about what he does. CB is passionate about his life in music, hie love for God and wanting everyone to know and understand that you can make it if you keep trying never stop, that is the motivation behind this artist. CB has one line that sums it all up.

 "Run it up, Leave no DOUBT!"

Everyone has a place keep on moving until you get to your's because it is waiting on YOU. This is truly C.B.Cane, period.

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Monya L. Williams

Author, Poet, Story Teller

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Uncertainty, doubt, fear, deceit, falsehood and an attitude of being set on destroying someone. This is about giving to someone all that you can in honesty and sincerity, loving people truly, only to have them try with everything in them to destroy you. Is it truth, that the one's you love are the one's who can and will try to destroy you if given the chance? Look into this and see.

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It all begin's right here.

Pen, paper, prayer and this among other boards.

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Music: All In Time


CB and his Sister

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